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DO.GMA Chamber Orchestra : 'American Stringbook'

Activity on: Classical Air/WITF: Harrisburg, PA


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ADDed To ROT. Nice CD

Host: Cary Burkett Bio

Host/Producer Classical Air
Cary Burkett
love of music is equaled by his strong theatrical background. After earning his BFA degree in theater from the University of Texas at Austin, he joined a variety of U.S. theater companies in tours, summer stock, dinner theaters, and off-Broadway showcases. As a 'starving actor' in New York City, Cary supported his theater habit by writing scripts for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, chronicling the adventures of such characters as Superman, Batman and Spiderman. His combined writing and acting interests are heard when Sherlock Bach and Dr. Witless take to the airwaves on WITF.

Host: Dick Strawser Bio

Music Director and Evening Announcer
Dick Strawser
is a Harrisburg native. He discovered classical music when he was 3 and has been involved with it ever since, learning to play the piano, attempting to play the cello, composing and teaching. After four years teaching theory and composition at the University of Connecticut, and two years in New York City as a freelance starving musician, he returned to his hometown. Susquehanna University commissioned a Te Deum which he wrote for their 125th Anniversary. Later, as Assistant Conductor and Orchestra Manager of the Harrisburg Symphony his duties involved pre-concert talks, writing program notes, doing the occasional arrangements and conducting a few rehearsals. In 1990, Dick became WITF FM's evening announcer.

When asked to define"Classical Music," he answered in a single word: "Can't." But of course, there ?s always a caveat, "because if you try to define something, you restrict yourself to too few possibilities and I'd rather be surprised than limited. It ?s always a nice feeling to realize you can still learn and either hear something new -- or hear something old in a new way."