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DO.GMA Chamber Orchestra : 'American Stringbook'


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Tr. 1 Diamond: 'Rounds'/ Allegro, molto vivace  
Tr. 2 Diamond: 'Rounds'/ Adagio  
Tr. 3 Diamond: 'Rounds'/ Allegro vigoroso  
Tr. 4 Foote: 'Suite in E op.63'/ Praeludium  
Tr. 5 Foote: 'Suite in E op.63'/ Pizz. und Adag. Capri.  
Tr. 6 Foote: 'Suite in E op.63'/ Fuge. Allegro giusto  
Tr. 7 Barber: 'Serenade op.1'/ Un poco adagio  
Tr. 8 Barber: 'Serenade op.1'/ Andante con moto  
Tr. 9 Barber: 'Serenade op.1'/ Dance. Allegro giocoso  
Tr. 10 Barber: 'Symphony #5'/ Molto agitato ed energico  
Tr. 11 Barber: 'Symphony #5'/ Larghissimo  
Tr. 12 Barber: 'Symphony #5'/ Larghissimo  
Tr. 13 Barber: Adagio for Strings op. 11  

Playing all of it. Excellent CD. This period of music is one of my favorites, and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation