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DO.GMA Chamber Orchestra : 'American Stringbook'

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Playing the Samuel Barber tracks

Host: Bob Rogers Bio

I began working in radio in the mid 1960's. I managed commercial stations in San Diego (KPRI-FM) and Phoenix (Buck Owens' KTUF/KNIX-FM) and a noncommercial station in Houston (Pacifica's KPFT). I was a partner at Newscript (formerly Earth News) in San Francisco. Moved to North Carolina in 1983 and founded a small business (Rogers Word Service), an office services and transcription/copy editing company. I still own and operate RWS.  I also worked as a volunteer announcer  at a noncommercial station in Raleigh (Shaw University's WSHA-FM) for about 20 years.

In 2008 I resigned from WSHA and founded noncommercial, listener-supported, an international alliance of independent producers. Through the collective efforts of approximately 25 producers througout the world, taintradio hosts a 24/7 music stream. Although not exclusively devoted to jazz or any other particular music genre, JazzWeek subscribers in 2011 voted taintradio as JazzWeek's Internet Station of the Year, the first winner in that category.