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DO.GMA Chamber Orchestra : 'American Stringbook'



Love the 'Diamond: Rounds.' First recording of it since Gerard Schwarz

Host: Sefton Wiggs Bio

Aside from a college course in Music Appreciation, Sefton Wigg's musical education has mostly been acquired through reading about music and composers, as well as simply listening intently to great music. His recommendation for the best book about classical music is The Lives of the Great Composers by the late Harold Schoenberg, the long-time music critic for the New York Times.

His taste runs the gamut from Baroque, to Classical, to Romantic, and contemporary music. "I particularly like Beethoven and Brahms," he said. "I'm also quiet fond of such 20th Century composers as Copland and Shostakovich. Going back earlier, I don't see how anyone can listen to Haydn without smiling, or listen to Bach without becoming a little more contemplative."

Sefton on-air duties at PRE include hosting the Classical Afternoon Concert, The Three O'Clock Mix, Adagio on weeknights, and New Directions, the Saturday afternoon program that explores music from the 20th and 21st centuries.