Tracking for July 6, 2022

Station Freq City Format Spins Comment
WFMT Network   multi National classical  4 Playing 'Barber: Adagio for Strings' & 'Diamond Rounds for String Orchestra'
Music Choice/Classical Ma...   SAT/CBL Subscriber classical  ON ADDed to ROT
SiriusXM - The Village   SAT Subscriber classical  ON ADDed To ROT
Taintradio   www online jazz/variety  ON On the 'NR' shelf
Taintradio/wtf   www online jazz/variety  ON Playing the Samuel Barber tracks
APR/Classical Music   91.5 Statewide classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KRNN/Afternoon Classics   102.7 Juneau classical  13 Playing all the works
KPFA   94.1 Berkeley classical  ON This is getting quite a few spins
KSPC/Classical   88.7 Claremont classical  ON We actually didn't have a recording of Adagio for Strings in our library. Great help. The Diamond, Foote, and Schuman pieces are beautiful
KKUP   91.5 Cupertino classical  ON Playing all of it. Excellent CD. This period of music is one of my favorites, and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation
KUSC/The Evening Program   91.5 Los Angeles classical  ON Playing all of it
K-MOZART/Classical   105.1 Los Angeles classical  ON This is a good album. Solid classical sound with innovation
KUSC/Modern Times   91.5 Los Angeles classical: contem  ON ADDed to ROT
KXLU/Soiree Musicale   88.9 Los Angeles classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KCRW/Cafe LA   89.9 Los Angeles variety  6 Nice recording. Will air the David Diamond and Barber pieces
Mendocino County Public R...   multi Philo classical  ON ADDed To 'Classical.' Very nice
KWMR/Daybreak   90.5/89.3 Point Reyes Station classical  ON Very interesting sound. ADDed
KMUD/Classical Spectrum   multi Redway classical  ON ADDed To ROT
Northern California Publi...   91.1 Rohnert Park classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KALW   91.7 San Francisco classical  1 Playing David Diamond 'Rounds.' It sounds wonderful!
KCBX/In Concert   90.1 San Luis Obispo classical  3 Very nice. Starting with the 'Arthur Foote.' Will surely play all of it
KZSU/Classical   90.1 Stanford classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KCME/Classical   88.7 Colorado Springs classical  ON ADDed To ROT
Aspen Public Radio/Classi...   multi multi classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WSHU/Classical Music in t...   91.1 Fairfield classical  ON Really great CD. Needed the Foote Suite & the Diamond Rounds. Nice additions
WMNR/Mike Shakinovsky   88.1 Monroe classical  ON ADDed. Interesting works. Particularly like the David Diamond
WVUD/Fine Tuning   91.3 Newark classical  ON ADDed. Like this VERY much
WFSU/Nuances   88.9 Tallahassee classical  ON Thank you for the refreshing DO.GMA#2. Good Airplay on this
GPB/Midday Music   multi Atlanta classical  6 Playing the 'Diamond' and the 'Foote' pieces. Very well played
WABE/Classical   90.1 Atlanta classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WABE/Second Cup Concert   90.1 Atlanta classical  3 The 'Diamond' is a welcome addition after not having a fresh recording for so long
WFMT   98.7 Chicago new releases/cl  ON Featured on ?The New Releases with Lisa Flynn? Sunday, April 22. (Show runs 10 am-noon.)
Tri States Public Radio/O...   91.3 Macomb classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WVIK/Morning Classics   90.3 Rock Island classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WVIK/Perspective   90.3 Rock Island classical  ON ADDed To ROT
Indiana Public Media - WF...   multi Bloomington classical  ON ADDed To ROT + Interview
Indiana Public Media - WFIU   multi Bloomington cd of the week  ON CD of the week May 28-June 3
WNIN/Classical   88.3 Evansville classical  ON This one can spice up an hour of Classical Music
WICR/Classical   88.7 Indianapolis classical  3 Playing the Diamond 'Rounds.' The group sounds very polished, yet athletic as well. I look forward to hearing more from them
WSND/New Releases   88.9 Notre Dame new releases/cl  ON ADDed To 'NR' show
Radio Purdue - WBAA/CD Of...   101.3 West Lafayette cd of the week  ON CD Of the Week for week 4.23.2012
Iowa Public Radio/Classic...   91.7 + multi Statewide classical  ON Started off on the right Foote & then into the 'Rounds' a perennial favorite of mine. Will replace the Schwartz recording with this one
KHKE/Morning Classics   89.5 Waterloo classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WKYU/Afternoon Classics   88.9 Bowling Green classical  ON This one is very interesting and the performances are first-rate
WUOL   90.5 Louisville classical  ON Playing almost all the tracks. Fits well into our mix
KEDM/Classical   90.3 Monroe classical  ON I love the choice of pieces on the CD. Glad someone could record them and get them out into public listening
WTUL/Classical   91.5 New Orleans classical  ON ADDed To ROT
New Orleans Public Radio ...   89.9 New Orleans classical  ON ADDed. Both performance and recording quality are excellent. Love to have the rarely-heard Arthur Foote
WERU   89.9/102. 9 Blue Hill / Bangor   ON ADDed. Beautiful things on here. A great success
WBJC/Classical Music   91.5 Baltimore classical  ON ADDed To ROT
Delmarva Public Radio - W...   89.5 Salisbury new releases/cl  ON Good stuff. Nice variety. Airplay & blog post
New England Public Media/...   88.5 Amherst classical  1 Playing the 'Diamond' piece
CRB/Classical   99.5 Boston classical  ON Very happy to see one of the pieces on it is the Diamond 'Rounds'. That piece doesn't get recorded enough
WOMR/Cafe Classical   92.1 Provincetown classical  3 Playing the Arthur Foote Suite in E. The disc is getting a very positive response
Delta College Public Medi...   90.1 Bay City   ON Some wonderful music on here. Playing much of the disc
WRCJ/Classical   90.9 Detroit classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WRCJ/The Listening Room   90.9 Detroit classical  ON ADDed. This is terrific
WKAR/Classical   90.5 East Lansing classical  ON We can use everything except the Schuman. Too modern
WMUK/Classical   102.1 Kalamazoo classical  ON Very, very much wanted. This is silky and vibrant
WCMU   89.5 Mount Pleasant classical  3 Love the rendition of the Diamond
WBLV/Classical   90.3 Twin Lake classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KFAI/Collective Eye   90.3 / 106.7 Minne / St. Paul   ON ADDed TO ROT
YourClassicalMPR   multi Minneapolis(Statewide) classical  ON Interesting disc with a good mix of pieces
KRCU/Caffe Concerto   90.9 Cape Girardeau classical  ON ADDed. This is a very nice CD
KXMS/Classical   88.7 Joplin classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KXMS/New Releases   88.7 Joplin new releases/cl  ON ADDed. Some good material not previously represented in our collections
KSMU/Classical Music   91.1 Springfield classical  ON Playing the 'Foote Suite in E'
KWUR   90.3 St. Louis classical  ON playing 'Diamond Rounds' so far. Will play all as this is a very fine recording
KUFM/Classical Music   89.1 Missoula classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KVNO/Classical Music   90.7 Omaha classical  ON ADDed. Good performances
NET Nebraska/Friday Live   91.1 Statewide classical  6 Playing the 'Barber' & the 'Foote'
NET Nebraska/The Verge   91.1 Statewide classical: contem  6 Playing the 'Diamond' & 'Schuman'
New York:
WNED/Mid-Day Classics   94.5 Buffalo classical  13 Wonderful recording. Playing all the pieces
WJFF/Monday Afternoon Cla...   90.5 Jeffersonville classical  6 Playing the 'Foote' and 'Barber'
WQXR/Classical   105.9 New York classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WXXI/Classical   91.5 Rochester classical  ON Nice one here
WCNY/Classic FM   91.3 Syracuse classical  ON I was quite pleased to hear some attention paid to an American music pioneer, Arthur Foote
North Carolina:
Blue Ridge Public Radio/C...   88.1 Asheville classical  3 Playing the David Diamond 'Rounds.' Nice recording
WDAV/New Classics   89.9 Davidson new releases/cl  3 Playing several tracks on 'NR' show
Public Radio East   89.3 + New Bern + classical  1 Love the 'Diamond: Rounds.' First recording of it since Gerard Schwarz
Public Radio East/New Rel...   89.3 + New Bern + new releases/cl  ON ADDed To 'NR' show
WCPE/Preview!   89.7 Wake Forest new releases/cl  ON This is a great disc. Nice to have a fresh take on the 'David Diamond: Rounds'
WCPE/Classical   89.7 Wake Forest classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WHQR/Salmagundi with Pat ...   91.3 Wilmington classical  ON Quite wonderful - I love the repertory and they play it very well indeed
WGUC/Classical   90.9 Cincinnati classical  ON ADDed To ROT
ideastreamWCLV   104.9 Cleveland cd of the month  ON April 'Choice' CD
WKSU/Classical Music   89.7 Kent classical  4 Playing everything on medium-heavy ROT but the Schuman. Nice to have a current recording of Diamond's 'Rounds'
WGTE/Afternoon Classics   91.3 Toledo classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WGTE/Morning Classics   91.3 Toledo classical  ON ADDed To ROT
Jefferson Public Radio/Si...   Multi Ashland classical  3 Playing the Barber piece. Very good!
Jefferson Public Radio/Fi...   Multi Ashland classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KWAX/Caitriona Bolster   91.1 Eugene classical  ON ADDed To ROT
All Classical Portland/Cl...   89.9 Portland classical  ON Interesting material and concept. ADDed
WQLN/Classics with Brian ...   91.3 Erie classical  1 Starting with the 'Foote Suite.' Will play others. Very nice CD
WITF/Classical Air   89.5 Harrisburg classical  ON ADDed To ROT. Nice CD
WITF/New Releases   89.5 Harrisburg new releases/cl  ON ADDed To 'NR' show
WRTI/Classical   90.1 Philadelphia classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WRTI/The Afternoon Drive   90.1 Philadelphia classical  ON Terrific recording. Playing all of it. Possible Interview
WYBF/Classical   89.1 Springfield classical  ON ADDed To ROT
Rhode Island:
WRIU/Divertimento   90.3 Westerly classical  3 'Diamond Rounds' are wonderful
WKNO/Classical   90.7 Memphis classical  3 Love it! ADDed the Arthur Foote piece and it is wonderful. What a terrific orchestra!
WMOT   89.5 Murfreesboro classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KAMU/Classical   90.9 College Station classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KEDT/First Hour   90.3 Corpus Christi classical  ON ADDed this very nice CD
Classical 101 - WRR/New R...   101.1 Dallas new releases/cl  ON ADDed to 'NR' show
Classical 101 - WRR/Main ...   101.1 Dallas new releases/cl  ON Great stuff here. ADDed
KNTU/And Seldom is Heard   88.1 Denton classical  1 Quite pleased. Airing the Schuman
KJJF/Classical   88.1 / 88.9 Harlingen classical  ON ADDed To ROT
Houston Public Media/Afte...   88.7 Houston classical  ON Great repertoire! Playing the 'Diamond'. Sounds great. Love the 'Rounds for String Orchestra'
Houston Public Media/New ...   88.7 Houston new releases/cl  ON Two great discs! ADDed.
KTTZ/What's New   89.1 Lubbock new releases/cl  ON ADDed to 'NR' show
Texas Public Radio/Classi...   multi San Antonio classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WRUV/The Floating Head of...   90.1 Burlington classical  ON Classical/Avant . Do.GMA Chamber Orchestra
WTJU/Classical   91.1 Charlottesville classical  ON ADDed & Review attached
WTJU/Classical Sunrise   91.1 Charlottesville classical  ON ADDed To ROT
WHRO/This Just In   90.3 Hampton Roads new releases/cl  ON ADDed To 'NR' show
WHRO/Evening Classics wit...   90.3 Hampton Roads classical  6 Terrific disc ? Glad to get a really good recording of the Schuman 5th and a fresh account of the Diamond
VPM Music/Afternoon Class...   multi multi classical  ON ADDed To ROT
KING/New Releases   98.1 Seattle new releases/cl  ON ADDed to 'NR' show
Spokane Public Radio/Clas...   91.1 Spokane classical  ON Terrific performances and interpretations
Wisconsin Public Radio/Cl...   88.7 Statewide classical  ON ADDed To ROT
Canada Freq City Format Spins Comment
Stingray/The Spa/NewAge   multi National ambient  ON ADDed To ROT