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Ensemble Galilei: Bio

Virtuoso technique, an instinctive feeling for the idiom, the courage to improvise…they play with energy, splendid ensemble,
good humor and imagination.

-The Washington Post

Hanneke Cassel, fiddle
Ryan McKasson, fiddle and viola
Kathryn Montoya, recorders, whistle, oboe
Jackie Moran, percussion
Sue Richards, Celtic harp
Carolyn Anderson Surrick, viola da gamba

Ginger Hildebrand, violin

with guests
Allison Edberg, Baroque violin
Danny Mallon, percussion
Neal Conan, narrator
Lily Knight, actor

technical director
Brian Doser

Ensemble Galilei

A Change of Worlds

Sono Luminus

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Track Listing

1 Trad. Irish: Cunningham - Monday Morning Reel  
2 Tony Sullivan: Moran - 1921  
3 James Scott Skinner: Hector the Hero  
4 Trad. Sweden: Nygard - Swedish Bridal March  
5 Trad. Appalachian: Full Rigged Ship  
6 Trad. Irish: Pretty Maid Milking the Cow  
7 Trad. Swedish: Polonaise  
8 Sue Richards: No Longer Mourn for Me  
9 Ryan McKasson: Culloden  
10 Nicola Matteis: Ground upon a Scotch Humour  
11 Trad. Scottish: Smith - Athole Collection  
12 Trad. Irish: The Salmon Tailing Up the River  
13 Carolyn A. Surrick: The Dust Bowl  
14 Michael Praetorius: Te Mane Laudum Carmine  
15 Carolyn A. Surrick: Dream of the Wanderer  
16 Turlough O'Carolan: Squire Wood's Lament  

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