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Zenph Studios is a software company that specializes in the algorithms and processes for understanding - and re-creating - precisely how musicians perform. Based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, a team of software engineers, researchers, and professional musicians has successfully accomplished what has been dreamed for years. Thousands have thrilled to re-performances by famed musicians staged in large halls. From the data that describe these note-perfect re-performances, we make clear, modern recordings. Great-sounding new recordings can be tailored for any acoustic, for example, for the latest in surround sound or headphone listening.

Zenph's first commercial offering is creating the data behind the music, working with the record labels to make great-sounding recordings of performances you love. Sony Masterwork's amazing new recordings of Glenn Gould's playing of his famed 1955 Goldberg Variations afresh in Toronto's Glenn Gould Studio are now available worldwide. (And we say "recordings" in plural, since the one disc contains versions from three different perspectives.) Sony's album of Art Tatum's Piano Starts Here re-performance was released in June 2008, with Rachmaninoff plays Rachmaninoff coming September 22, 2009.

The work we're doing will change every aspect of music production in the coming years. Instead of working the way Edison did in the 1800's dealing with sound waves recorded in the air we can now use the power of computer engineering to replicate exactingly what musicians do as they play. Re-performances can be played and recorded again any time, on different instruments, in any venue, in front of any microphones. We're separating musicians' performances from their original recording medium, bringing to music the power that word processing has brought to writing.



Marks the 100th Anniversary
of the Composer's U.S. Debut

Sony Masterworks and Zenph Studios announce the third release in an ongoing collaboration to breathe new life into legendary performances that have been marred by the poor recording quality of past timestechnologies. Rachmaninoff Plays Rachmaninoff follows upon the success of Zenph Studios' productions of Glenn Gould's 1955 recording of The Goldberg Variations (2007) and Art Tatum's Piano Starts Here (2008). This new compilation of re-performances is made from original masters that the colossal Russian composer and pianist recorded during his lifetime. Available on September 22, 2009, the release celebrates the 100th anniversary of Rachmaninoff's
U.S. recital debut.

The recording features Rachmaninoff playing five of his own compositions: the Prelude in C-sharp minor; the Etudes Tableaux in C major and E-flat major, Op. 33; "Daisies"; and Moment Musical in E-flat minor, Op. 16. It also includes Rachmaninoff's renditions of Kreisler's Liebesleid and Liebesfreud; Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee; Mendelssohn's scherzo from A Midsummer Night's Dream; Tchaikovsky's Lullaby, Op. 16 No. 1; and Bach's Violin Partita No. 3.


~ For the first time in 50 years, hear it as Art Tatum actually played it

SONY BMG Masterworks and Zenph Studios announce the June 3 release of Art Tatum's "Piano Starts Here," the second recording in a series of discs that represent a milestone in the history of
recorded music.

Art Tatum's "Piano Starts Here" album contains material that has been in print for more than 50 years. Yet the original, an incomparable jazz album that highlights the mastery of this singular musician, had been marred by nominal sound quality and other imperfections until now.

Zenph's unique technique turns audio recordings into live performances that precisely replicate the original recording, but offer vastly improved sound quality. Listeners are transported back to the moment of creation and experience Tatum's playing as if they were in the room when the original recordings were made.

Glenn Gould's debut album of Bach's Goldberg Variations was recorded in June 1955. It is one of the best known classical piano recordings ever, and it has been in continuous print for fifty years.

But, it was locked forever in
monaural sound.

Until now.

Zenph Studios recorded its debut re-performance to standing ovations in the CBC's famed Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto on September 25, 2006, which would have been Glenn Gould's 74th birthday.

Two things happened that day: 1) we taped a radio program for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) before a live audience, and 2) we recorded our
history-making new album with
Sony BMG Masterworks.

The producer of the CBC radio documentary was Eitan Cornfield, respected for his high-quality radio documentaries. We were introduced to Eitan by Lorne Tulk, Gould's longtime friend and producer. The concert was broadcast throughout Canada by CBC Radio Two that evening. It was also streamed on the Internet.

1 Body and Soul  
2 Back Home Again in Indiana  
3 The Man I Love  
4 Who Can I Turn To?  
5 When I Fall in Love  
6 Duke Ellington Medley  
7 Con Alma  
8 Goodbye  
Oscar Peterson - Unmistakable album EPK from Zenph & Sony Masterworks
Oscar Peterson - 'Body and Soul'
Oscar Peterson - Back Home In Indiana (Solo, Montreux 1975)

Sony Masterworks and Zenph Sound Innovations announce the fourth release in their ongoing collaboration, Oscar Peterson: Unmistakable is a collection of re-performances created from unreleased recordings Peterson made during the seventies and eighties. The re-performances capture the renowned jazz pianist playing at the height of his powers with some tracks never-before-heard by the public. Available September 20, Oscar Peterson: Unmistakable extends the acclaimed technological breakthrough featured in prior Sony/Zenph releases of Glenn Gould, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Art Tatum.

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