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Snack Cat: Bio

Snack Cat is a NYC based band that features some of the cities top musicians. The group's sound is a cross between soul, rock, jazz, blues and funk. Snack Cat has already played many of NYC's top music venues including Rockwood Music Hall, Mercury Lounge, The Falcon, Bryant Park, Groove, C'mon Everybody, and The Knitting Factory. The band consistently plays Sofar Sounds shows around the city as well. Snack Cat's members have played and recorded with some of of the biggest names in music: Roberta Flack, John Mayer, The Zach Brown Band, Grace Potter, Ben Folds, John Patitucci, Jersey Boys, Greg Allman, etc. The Band recently released their debut EP with the internationally known record label Ropadope Records.

1 Leaving LA
2 Let Go
3 Path
4 Old Soul
The Path - Live at Rockwood , NYC July 2018

Snack Cat's first official release has been a long time in the making. The band has been refining its sound for a few years now, drawing inspiration from classic funk, soul and rock while never forgetting its jazz roots. Guitarist and bandleader Aleksi Glick wrote most of the music for this debut EP in January 2018 on a rooftop in LA. It was something about the setting of the dirty yet iconic city that got the creative juices flowing - the many dreamers trying to make it big and putting on whatever face or facade got them through the day. While the songs come from a reflective and almost pensive place, they express a certain joy and hopefulness. At its heart, Glick's music is inspired by his hometown of New York City, but for some reason these particular songs needed to come to life and grow elsewhere. Along the way, Glick's old bandmate, Madhava Hansen, and Snack Cat frontwoman, Chantal Mitvalsky, contributed final touches to the songwriting behind the tracks.

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