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Summit Records is an internationally distributed record label that evolved out of the dynamic large brass ensemble, Summit Brass in the late 1980s with the goal of providing quality, world-class musicians a platform to get their music to the public and be treated fairly in the process. That mission really has not changed. Although the marketplace has presented many new challenges, including hundreds of new record labels and alternative ways to get music to you, Summit Records remains committed to quality musicianship, treating artists with the respect they deserve, and providing the customer with a premium product - with "five-star" service of course.

So, what next? We continue to be committed to putting out some of the very best music in the marketplace from the very best musicians - with top-notch service. Every title in the catalogue is available and in our warehouse right here in Arizona, and if you order from us, it'll normally be shipped to you within a day of receiving your order...in other words, you'll get it quickly. If you buy it in a record store or on another on-line site, no problem - we just want you to enjoy the music!
So, check out the catalogue...you're bound to like something in it! And Much Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, feel free to email us: sales@summitrecords.com