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Crossover Media Projects:
Countermeasure : Orchestral Sessions
Alison Burns & Martin Taylor : Songs for Nature
Cliff Eidelman : Symphony No. 2 w/Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Cally Banham : Tango to the Cor
The New Orleans Klezmer All Stars : Tipish
Vincent Oppido : A London Sketch
Lois Deloatch : Love Always
John Korbel : Falling Feels Like Flying
David Young : Bluesy Christmas w/The Soul Sessions Band
David Young : Merry Christmas
Vincent Oppido : Yes, Virginia! There Is A Santa Claus
Chandrika Tandon : Ammu's Treasures
Nick Flade : Better Man feat. Ola Onabule
Thistle : Mysterious Star
Yocontalie Jackson w/The Jennifer Tibbelts Singers : Kwanzaa's Pure Light
Lisa Reagan : What We Need Is Here
David Young : In The Stars featuring: Clifford Carter
Michael Fine : For a Friend-Lina Vartanova, Ekaterina Ayzenshtadt
Joanna Duda Trio : Fumistuke
Sultans Of String : Walking Through the Fire
Steve Salett : First Landing
Zoe Ackah : This Hen
Benjamin Lapidus : BLUES FOR OCHUN
Michael Shapiro : Voices
Rick Cutler : The Unfolding
Sara Shiloh Rae and Bluebird Junction : The Sondheim Project
David Lanz & Kristin Amarie : Lettere D'amore
Nic Gerpe : The Makrokosmos 50 Project
Ofra Harnoy & Mike Herriott : Portrait
Bloom/Helias/Previte : 2.3.23
Pete Calandra and Straight Up : Mixed Emotions
Zach Sprowls : All Beginnings Are Hard
Sara Shiloh Rae and Bluebird Junction : Canola Fields
Art of Time Ensemble : Songs Of Leonard Cohen LIVE
Richard Williams : Hollywood Christmas
Sara Shiloh Rae and Bluebird Junction : Bristlecone Pine
David Homan : The Bully's Firebird
Charu Suri : Ragas & Waltzes
Calvin Jones : After the Conquest
Pete Calandra and Straight Up : The Beachcomber (Feat. Antonio Hart)
James Brandon Lewis - Lutoslawski Quartet : These are Soulful Days
Uri Caine - Lutoslawski Quartet : Space Kiss
Pete Calandra and Straight Up : Walking To The Moon
Joel Quarrington : The Music of Don Thompson
Extended : Without Notice
Charu Suri : The Book of Ragas Volume 2
Kira Velella : Even Then
Tomson Highway : Cree Country
Robin McKelle : I Must Have That Man
Calvin Jones : Shchedryk - Carol of the Bells
Aleksi Glick : Guitar and Me
Pete Calandra and Straight Up : Same As It Ever Was
John Weber : The Banks Of Skibbereen
Michael Borowski : Gardens Of Zion In The Rain
Pete Calandra and Straight Up : Neptune Beach
Jasmin Lacasse Roy : Meteores
Todd Mosby : An Olde Farewell (Auld Lang Syne)
Lyn Stanley : Novel Noel
Kira Velella : You Light Me Up
Bodhild Vossgard : Voggesongar til jorda
Sultans Of String : Sanctuary
Sacha Puttnam : Spirit of Cinema w/The Classic Film Orchestra
Carmela Rappazzo : love & other difficulties
Oscar Rossignoli : INERTIA
Sultans Of String : Christmas Caravan
Art of Time Ensemble : Ain't Got Long
Laila Biali : A Case of You - LIVE
Robin Spielberg : Love Story
Jane Roman Pitt : Midnight Lullaby
Shunia : Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru
Snack Cat : Fight or Flight
Robin Spielberg : Re-Inventions
Quartet San Francisco : Latigo
Barbara Padilla : Ave Maria
Snack Cat : Young Love
Laurence Hobgood : t e s s e t e r r a
The Lao Tizer Band : Songs From The Swinghouse
Martin Hayes Quartet : The Blue Room