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Deutsche Grammophon/Mercury Classics

Launched in April 2012 by Universal Music, Mercury Classics aims to identify and work with strong creative individuals who bring a distinctive and fresh perspective to classical music, whether they are young artists approaching the genre in a new way, or established musicians, outside the field, curious about exploring the genre.

Deutsche Grammophon is a German classical record label which was the foundation of the future corporation to be known as PolyGram. It is now part of Universal Music Group (UMG) since its acquisition and absorption of PolyGram in 1999, and it is also UMG's oldest active label. It is also the oldest surviving established record company.

Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft was founded in 1898 by German-born United States citizen Emile Berliner as the German branch of his Berliner Gramophone Company. Berliner sent his nephew Joseph Sanders from America to set up operations.[3] Based in the city of Hannover (the founder's birthplace), the company had links with the U.S. Victor Talking Machine Company and the British Gramophone Company, but those links were severed at the onset of World War I.

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