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What is ArtistShare?: ArtistShare is a platform that connects creative artists with fans in order to share the creative process and fund the creation of new artistic works.  ArtistShare created the Internet's first fan funding platform for artists launching its initial project in October, 2003.  Since then, ArtistShare has been allowing fans to show appreciation for their favorite artists by funding their projects in exchange for access to the creative process, LTD Edition recordings, VIP access to events/recording sessions and even credit listing on the final product. Unlike other companies we build the model around the artist while providing the best fan support in the industry.  ArtistShare projects have received countless awards and accolades including 6 Grammy awards and 18 Grammy nominations.  Our artist roster includes some of today's most prestigious artists including Pulitzer prize and Oscar nominated writers, Guggenheim fellowship recipients, Grammy winners and NEA Jazz Masters.  Preview a live ArtistShare fan-funded project here and see how the fans are making it happen.  View some screenshots from the first fan-funded project (circa 2003!) here

ArtistShare and the music industry:
The explosion of digital downloading has shaken the roots of the music industry as we've known it – the concept of creating music for sale has become a tenuous prospect, as record labels and artists continue to lose profits due to "illegal" file sharing. A variety of solutions have cropped up to prevent music from being devalued – from digital rights management to completely new pricing models. ArtistShare, however, is not looking to fight these emerging technologies; rather, we work with this new platform to the benefit the artist.  The ArtistShare model was initially inspired and created in response the threat of digital piracy and the futility of digital rights management for music.

At ArtistShare, we believe that the true value of music lies in the artist's individual creativity and the unique process each artist uses to create their music. Since its inception, ArtistShare has been redefining the music industry by allowing fans to finance artist projects in exchange for access to the artist's creative process. By reaching out directly to the consumer and focusing on the innate value of music, ArtistShare has created a model that is immune to changes in the industry. 

By shifting the focus of value to the "creative process", the artist/creator is compensated before the work is release therefore dramatically decreases the chances of losing revenue once the product is released. The company believes that the advent of digital technology is the beginning of a "new economy" where most products are viewed as a "service" rather than a physical item that is owned by the end user.

A key element to any ArtistShare project is that the artist is in no way required to relinquish ownership of copyright and in fact ArtistShare discourages it in most cases.

ArtistShare fan-funded recordings at the Grammy Awards 

47th Annual Grammy Awards– 2005
Winner: Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album Maria Schneider - Concert In the Garden,
Nominee: Best Jazz Instrumental Solo Maria Schneider "Bulería, Solea y Rumba" -- Donny McCaslin, soloist (track from "Concert in the Garden")
Nominee: Best Instrumental Composition "Bulería, Solea y Rumba" -- Maria Schneider

48th Annual Grammy Awards– 2006
Winner: Best Instrumental Composition "Into The Light" Billy Childs 
Nominee: Best Instrumental Jazz Album "Lyric" 
Nominee: Best Instrumental Arrangement Billy Childs, arranger
Nominee: Best Comedy Album The Agoraphobic Cowboy, Rick Moranis 

49th Annual Grammy Awards– 2007 
Winner: Best Latin Jazz Album Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri - Simpatico 
Nominee: Best Large jazz Ensemble Album Bob Brookmeyer - Spirit Music 

50th Annual Grammy Awards– 2008
Winner: Best Instrumental Composition Maria Schneider - "Cerulean Skies" 
Nominee: Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album - Maria Schneider "Sky Blue" 

52nd Annual Grammy Awards– 2010
Nominee: Best Jazz Instrumental Album - The Clayton Brothers - "Brother to Brother" 
Nominee: Best Latin Jazz Recording - Geoffrey Keezer - "Aurea"

53rd Annual Grammy Awards– 2011
Winner: Best Instrumental composition - The Path Among The Trees -Billy Childs
Nominee: Best Jazz Instrumental Recording, Individual or Group - The Clayton Brothers - "New Song And Dance" 
Nominee: Gerald Clayton Best Instrumental Composition - Battle Circle - The Clayton Brothers - "New Song And Dance" 
Nominee: Best Large Jazz Ensemble Recording The Path Among The Trees 
Nominee: Best Instrumental Composition - Patrick Williams - Aurora
Nominee: Best Instrumental Arrangement - "Fanfare For A New Day" - Patrick Williams - Aurora

12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards– 2012
Nominee: Best MPB (Música Popular Brasileira) Album - Yeahwon - Yeahwon
Other nominees in this category were Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento, Djavan and Mônica Salmaso.

55th Annual Grammy Awards– 2013
Winner: Best Instrumental Arrangement - Gil Evans "How About You"
Nominee: Best Large Jazz Ensemble Recording The Gil Evans Project: Centennial 
Nominee: Best Arrangement Featuring A Vocalist(s)-  Gil Evans "Look to the Rainbow"  - featuring Luciana Souza

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