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Milos Karadaglic / Limelight Magazine feature

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With or without sun-kissed backdrop, the well-groomed 30-year-old radiates a bronzed charisma of his own, hailing from the tiny republic of Montenegro nestled between the Balkan mountains and the Adriatic Sea. His slick image has undeniably played a part in his swift rise to stardom as Deutsche Grammophon's first major guitar signing, for which the label immediately dispensed with the awkward ‘Karadaglić' to introduce an artist memorable and exotic enough to go by a single name, like Madonna or Psy. Mee. Losh. Try it; it rolls irresistibly off the tongue.

Miloš Karadaglić himself speaks in soft, fluid tones with a delicately spiced accent, much like the mellifluous sound of his guitar: an instrument he insists is the most accessible in the world, regardless of genre. "There is something very, very special about guitar, because it translates to so many different areas of humanity," he muses. "One of the first things that human beings did is stick a string between two pieces of wood, and somehow it happened that it became the most popular instrument."

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