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Luca is thinking outside of the box on 'Lions' / Blitz Magazine

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Luca Scoppetta-Stern has a multi-faceted personality. On this thirteen track self-produced (in tandem with David Lawrence Goldman) album, the New York-based composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Scoppetta-Stern is all over the musical map. From the half-minute opener, Solstice to the out of left field Spring Again to the dreamscape leanings of Ozone, Lions darts about like the arrow on a computer screen when the Wi-Fi crashes. Snippets of everyone from Mose Allison and Keith Jarrett to Joey DeFrancesco and the late Mac "Doctor John" Rebennack surface along the way without initially apparent rhyme or reason. 

Yet the mercurial approach works well in this case, ultimately confounding expectations with the closer (Saint Sulpice) and its spiritual solidarity with the Beach Boys' Til I Die through the perspective of a Randy Newman. If thinking outside of the box is an essential attribute, then Lions assures that Scoppetta-Stern's professed Fall From Grace will be the least of his concerns.

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