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The Piano Guys want you Bach /

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We all know by now that The Piano Guys love to add a healthy dose of pop culture into their videos to draw in, for lack of a better phrase, a traditionally unconventional audience into the classical music world. They've battled good and evil with a "Star Wars" theme, jumped on the "Let It Go" bandwagon, and even nodded to British boy band One Direction, among many other things.

The premise of their latest video, "I Want You Bach," asks what would happen if the 1770s and the 1970s traveled through space and time, colliding into an unlikely jam session. The answer, of course, is in the video, which includes Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" mashed with several Bach pieces-Brandenburg Concertos No. 3 and 5, Two Part Invention No. 8, Minuet in G, Bourrée, and Gavotte from the French Suite No. 5, according to the video description.