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Shabaka Hutchings wants a revolution / JazzTimes

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Shabaka Hutchings' new album is about what you think it's about. Its title, Your Queen Is a Reptile, is not a metaphor or an allegory: The record's goal is to challenge what Hutchings views as the mythology of the monarchy. Instead of a lizard Queen Elizabeth-a queen who "does not see us as human," as he describes in the liner notes-Hutchings, alongside his band Sons of Kemet, proposes a list of black women he'd be OK with bowing down to: Angela Davis, Mamie Phipps Clark, Harriet Tubman. For the lattermost, his tribute takes the form of an almost six-minute jam that's half rhythm (drummers Eddie Hick and Tom Skinner) and half contrapuntal harmony (Hutchings and tuba player Theon Cross). It has the danceability of soca, the angularity of grime, the abrasive textures of punk and-somehow-the freedom of jazz.