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Angele Dubeau - Blanc / WRTI: Crossover interview

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Interview with WRTI's Jill Pasternak

The old saying goes, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  Angele Dubeau is living proof.  An acclaimed violinist and leader of the ensemble La Pieta, Dubeau's story is both hopeful and enlightening.  

On the webpage highlighting her new Analekta Records release, Blanc, Angele says, "BLANC like purity and serenity. BLANC for luminous music that can bring interior peace through its strength and powerful evocation. Fully charged emotions that reflect the strange solitude found in illness. After months of battle against breast cancer, music has been my focal point, it has brought me comfort, tranquility and sometimes, an essential escape. This music is of Brubeck, Dompierre, Golijov, Hisaishi, Morricone, Mozetich, Munsey, O'Connor, Phillips, Sakamoto, Schyman and Stevens. A music without artifice, real and filled with hope. This album tells my story, the story of a woman like many others who had to fight against illness and, serenely, came out of it stronger."

A favorite guest of Crossover, Angele returns to the show and speaks with Jill about the struggle through despair, loneliness, and eventual triumph.  We'll also hear some of the music from her new CD. Listen to the interview on Philadelphia: WRTI - Crossover with Jill Pasternak.