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Time for Three's self-titled album / SFGate interview

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"We're classically trained, but we're not saying we're a classical group at all. We're a 'new music' group" or a garage band that happens to play traditional instruments, Kendall has said.

The group's second studio album, Time for Three, gives a good overview of the Tf3 musical concept: In addition to four originals, there's a Lennon-McCartney classic ("Norwegian Wood"), folk standard "Danny Boy" (with vocals courtesy of rising-star folk-pop duo Lily & Madeline), "UFO" by Coldplay, Rachmaninoff's "Vocalise" (featuring cellist Alisa Weilerstein) and the Bach-inspired "Chaconne in Winter."

Song-wise, the thematic throughline of the album centers on four songs from Joshua Radin's 2006 debut album, "We Were Here," with vocals courtesy the singer-songwriter.

"I've known his music ever since he released his first album, and I met him in a coffee shop in New York City," Kendall said of Radin. "I told him, 'I'm a huge fan of yours. You have no idea of who I am. But have you ever thought about playing with classical musicians before?' " Radin said that he had, but didn't have a entre into that world. READ THE FULL SFgate INTERVIEW.