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PARTCH - Sonata Dementia makes All About Jazz: Best Releases Of 2019

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In the sole and separate outside, where cages are execrated and institutes destined to oblivion, the ensemble Partch... plainly would not exist. The same outside, however, houses the individual, Dionysian music of Harry Partch, upholding it metaphysically and moreover ethically. Such is the paradoxical state of performing Partch's music today. A necessity, performance of such illusive but concrete and mortal compositions, which best readily today's endless re-redressings of Bachs and Feldmans combined, nevertheless introduces its own share of ethical impasse. In spite of this, what ensemble Partch does is but necessary evil. And if anything, the release Sonata Dementia, is a testament to how relevant, resistant, and timeless an individual all too individual music can be. Easily the album of the year, had it not been for the belatedness of its source material. Also, let this be a proper Dionysian answer to the lovable but too Apollonian previous pick, of Braxton. This is music to dance to and weep at once. Intellect is present but so extreme in material preceding creation that there simply is no room for it after the creative take-off.