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130701 releases 'Eleven Into Fifteen' featuring - Max Richter /

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Classical was dead. Long operating on the bourgeoisie corners of society. Lauded only in the mythic concert halls, derided by the rock loving youth. In recent years, something finally changed, the introduction of more varied instrumentation into indie rock rekindled a long smoldering fire, and the post classical movement was born. Over the past fifteen years the 130701 imprint by FatCat Records has played a pivotal role in the burgeoning post classical scene, housing artists like Set Fire to Flames and Hauschka, creating an open space for innovative artists to explore their creativity. In honor of their fifteen year anniversary 130701 has released Eleven Into Fifteen, a satisfying hors d'ouevre and engaging collection of unnoticed unreleased oddities from iconic artists.

One of the last big standouts from the album is "Bach Study" by Max Richter. On this track, Richter takes a slow moving orchestra and turns it into something of an event, each note lingers on endlessly and deeply, reaching into the depths of the soul. About halfway through the piece a deep shaking rumble buzzes through the listeners headphones, punctuating the piece with a full and aching texture that adds so much more to the song than it has any right to and leaving a profound impact on the structure of the entire album.