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Libera receives YouTube - Silver Subscribers Award

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The South London kids aged 7 to 16 years who make up the choral group Libera have released a truly extraordinary new album - ‘Beyond' through Invisible Hands Music. The eagerly-anticipated recording, is a transformative and spiritual musical experience which comes on the heels of their globally successful 2017 ‘Hope' album. ‘Beyond' includes ‘Sanctus' with its extraordinary vocal range and heavenly serenity, the breathtakingly beautiful melodic elegance of ‘Salve Regina', the exciting and uplifting ‘Benedictus Deus' and, as an antidote to the angst and pressures of modern life, ‘Voca Me'. The latter holds the record for the highest notes on ‘Beyond' - higher even than the top C in the famous ‘Miserere' by Allegri; Leo Barron notches up a top D!

Libera also recently received a Silver Subscribers Award from YouTube for reaching 100,000 subscribers and are now closing in on 150,000. This is fantastic and you can watch the boys thank their subscribers on the attached video.