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You can't go wrong with the engaging 'Tues Days' session from Jane Ira Bloom and Allison Miller / Bandcamp: 'Best Jazz for September 2021'

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Bandcamp's Dave Sumner writes.....It's getting to that point in the calendar when music writers begin nervously twitching at the approaching task of creating a year-end Best Of list. For the reader, those lists are a celebration of a year in music; for writers, they are a symbol of existential pain caused by the many excellent recordings that couldn't be included on said list. My own personal endeavor was made much easier by September's new arrivals. I could easily cut and paste at least five of this month's selections and slot them in a Best Of list and not feel even a twinge of regret. It's insane just how much excellent music there is in this month's column.

You can't go wrong with this engaging session from drummer Allison Miller and soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom. This recording is the result of two musicians who simply needed a little sonic interaction-an excuse to improvise and make connections. From the start, they establish a dialog that demands attention. Sometimes, it's a rhythmic exchange of parallel trajectories that suddenly converge; other times, it's the lyrical repartee that grabs the ear and won't let go.

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