Stories » WQXR celebrates Angele Dubeau's 'Silence On Joue - Prise 2'

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WQXR celebrates Angele Dubeau's 'Silence On Joue - Prise 2'

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Score at 4

2017 highlights Angele Dubeau's 40 year career and the 20th anniversary of La Pietà which she founded. here new Analekta recording Silence On Joue - Prise 2 is also the violinist's 40th recording. Dubeau regularly receives requests to make another film music album and she has fulfilled that wish for many on this new double album.The music is beautiful, evocative, and challenging covering the whole range of emotions. Having personally done the research for this, Dubeau had it in mind to revisit their original versions and bring another dimension of sound with her violin and these wonderful musicians, composers and arrangers.

WQXR: New York - Score at 4 celebrates this wonderful recording. Listen to the attached on air comments by WQXR segment host Elliott Forrest