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There is prolific. Then there's Max Richter / The 405

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There is prolific and then there is Max Richter. The 49-year-old German-born British composer has composed and recorded his own music, in addition to writing for theater, ballet, opera, cinema and television. He has collaborated with numerous artists, both those in music and those in other mediums. Later this year, he will be debuting an eight-hour composition called SLEEP, which Richter has described as "an eight-hour lullaby." So suffice to say, that it should astound most to know that throughout this prodigious output, Richter has almost never stumbled. In fact, his 2004 solo release, The Blue Notebooks, has proven to be one of the most affecting of the past 15 years. Richter's masterful ability to explore the human mind through his haunting post-minimalist compositions and selected readings from Kafka and Miłosz showcased him at the top of his game.

But even on his numerous other releases, including 2002's Memoryhouse and his haunting score for the 2010 documentary How To Die In Oregon, Richter has always proven himself to more than capable of capturing a mood or a feeling better than practically any other artist in any medium. And so, when tasked with providing a score for the HBO program The Leftovers, Richter was given the opportunity to prove this point.  READ THE FULL 405 ARTICLE