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Avishai Cohen's 'Big Vicious' is an adventure in contemporary sounds / Staccatofy

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Avishai Cohen - Big Vicious features two guitarists and two drummers and continues to win audiences at international festivals. The album is the catalyst for the band's extensive international tour and was recorded in Studios La Buissonne in the South of France in August 2019 and produced by Manfred Eicher. The players are Cohen: trumpet, effects, synthesizer; Uzi Ramirez: guitar; Yonatan Albalak: guitar, bass; Aviv Cohen: drums; and Ziv Ravitz: drums, live sampling. The material covered on the nine tracks is taken from a wide-open approach, from originals to arrangements of Massive Attack to Beethoven. "Honey Fountain" builds methodically as each musician layers in until Cohen begins the melody. The presence of two drummers can be felt, adding to the rhythmic interest and energy. The relaxed interaction between Cohen's warm trumpet and Albalak's guitar colors is outstanding. The electronica influence can be heard in subtle sounds that float in, but never subtract from the calming energy and acoustic nature of the ensemble. "Teardrop" is built around Cohn's smooth trumpet style that contains just enough reverb to give his sound and ambient color without diluting his beautiful tone. Aviv and Ziv also create colors on their drum sets by using mallets and reverb effects. The fluidity of each players use of electronic sounds to enhance the overall soundscape adds to the feel and sonic color. "Moonlight Sonata" is given a distinctive electronica coloring. Albalak and Ramirez both create impressive sounds using their pedals and their instruments. Cohen states the melody in a very recognizable manner as the rest of the ensemble plays with sonic pastels. When not playing the trumpet, Cohen continues to add to the tapestry by triggering sounds. The overall result of Big Vicious is an adventure in contemporary sounds influenced by today's music brought to life by an ensemble with deep improvisational skills in both performing their respective instruments, but also in creating meaningful electronic sounds that contribute to the music. That's the short of it!