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From Mike Ragogna's interview with Nir Felder

MR:  Let's talk about all things Golden Age, where historic speeches actually played a part in its creative process. Was the concept of Golden Age planned out or was it something that happened as it evolved?

Nir Felder: I didn't really plan out the album from front to back as I was writing the music. But it was like, those themes are something that we're dealing with in such a major way in this sort of political climate kind of musical climate, for basically the whole time I've been a professional musician. So this was stuff that's with me and not something that just ended with the record. The narrative goes through basically my whole adult life. I started playing music as a teenager, and said this is what I want to do, it was when Napster came out--same exact time. The changes in the music industry, the changes in the U.S., the changes in New York City have been so profound over the course of my adult life and it was just what I was tuned in to. The Golden Agetitle is kind of more of a question than it is a statement. I've said that many times in interviews, but the record was written during a time that I was feeling very hopeful and now maybe things have panned out the way we could have hoped, or better, and other things have panned out not at all that way. It's just food for thought.  READ THE FULL HuffPost INTERVIEW