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John Scofield - Past Present / makes 'Something Else' Best 2015

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When summarizing the best that jazz had to offer for this past year, I was tempted to write that it was a very good year for jazz, but then as far as I'm concerned, every year is a good year for jazz.For an art form that people have said for years is dying, there's a lot of exciting, fresh records that come out every year and 2015 was no exception.

There were so many worthy new titles that the list of my picks for the best of the best is limited only to those where we've gave it the fully considered assessment and published a review on it. There are lots more that sounded good but didn't get that formal appraisal. So many terrific new releases, so little time, ya' know?


John Scofield – Past Present: A perfect companion to those early 90s albums Scofield made leading a bop quartet featuring sax giant Joe Lovano, and the years in-between quickly melt away as soon as the record starts playing.

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