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90.7WGXC - Situation Fluxus interviews Crossover Media

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Interview with WGXC's Cheryl Symister-Masterson

Produced by Cheryl K., this broadcast from 90.7WGXC - Situation Fluxus is a conversation with the members of Crossover Media – Max Horowitz, Amanda Bloom, and Zachary Swanson – plus music and an interview with Columbia County guitarist, educator, and composer Joe Finn.

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A weekly one-hour program focused on jazz and improvised music, news, radio, conversations, and more. There's news out there about the people, eco-systems, history, and culture of jazz and improvised music, and host Cheryl K. and her erudite guests are ready to share… Hosted by Cheryl K., host of The Jazz Disturbance every Sunday on WGXC-FM.