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Milos - Sound of Silence is WCRB: CD of the Week

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Many artists have been through the trauma of injury, forced to stop and withdraw at a high point in their performing lives. A thumb-bone abnormality left pianist Murray Perahia facing the idea of a life without the piano. Pianist Leon Fleisher spent decades with only one functioning hand. And conductor/violinist Reinhard Goebel lost fine motor control of his left hand.

Montenegrin guitarist Milos Karadaglic has faced injury, too. For six years, up until 2016, he gave 120 performances a year, recorded new albums, and learned new repertoire - all of this while chronically jet-lagged and constantly pushing himself to do more. His playing was better than it had ever been. Then came the moment when his hand hurt so desperately he could no longer hold his guitar. "The craziest dreams were coming true," he says, "and then this."

The miracle is that when these artists are able to recover and rediscover their instruments, they invariably speak of revelations, and Karadaglic is back. He has transformed the silence of his darkest period into an eclectic album of popular songs and classical jewels on "Sound of Silence."

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