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The Top 5 'Groundhog Day' Songs from StageBuddy

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The Olivier Award-winning mastermind behind Matilda is at it again! Yes, composer Tim Minchin, the man who made a splash on the New York scene teaching us "sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty," is now back on the Main Stem letting us that "he's here and he's fine" with his new project: a stage adaptation (imported from London) of the hit 1993 Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day.

Now, haters, step off - while not 100% perfect, this show absolutely succeeds in its film-to-stage transformation and the score is a huge factor as to why. While the residents of Punxsutawney are oblivious to the fact that they're re-living the same 24 hours day in and day out, Phil Connors is consistently agitated, completely aware of this nightmare he's caught up in.

That means, rather than fall into the trap of repeating the same song ad infinitum (though they do do that at first, as a way to establish repetition… and it's HILARIOUS!) he can step out, and comment on the action and how he feels through song.

This not only moves the story "forward" within a structure that otherwise…well…wouldn't, but provides us a deeper look on the character himself and his inner thoughts and workings, aided by Minchin's carefully written and "meaty" lyrics, set to music that'll get your toes tapping and jazz hands a-swingin'.

Simply put, the score is infectious, and there's no doubt you'll find yourself listening to these songs over and over and over (no pun intended). P. S. do I need to mention the deliciously buttery vocals of Barrett Doss and - hello?! - Andy Karl?!

In honor of the cast album's physical release we compiled a list of our favorite tunes off the CD, with commentary and analysis that explains why we love them so much. Check out our top five Groundhog Day numbers below!