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IU's Jacobs School to sell 5 violins incl; early Joshua Bell 'Guadagnini' loaner /

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The Indiana University Jacobs School of Music is selling five fine violins, including the 1750 Giovanni Battista Guadagnini violin that was loaned to Joshua Bell early in his career. "I officially started my career in 1982 at the age of 14, while continuing my studies at Indiana University under the great Josef Gingold," Bell said. "I was unable to afford a great violin at that time, but thankfully Indiana University was in possession of this wonderful Guadagnini violin, and kindly lent it to me during this crucial period in my musical life, until I was finally able to purchase an instrument of my own. I played dozens of concerts on this fine violin and have fond memories of its glorious tone."

The violins will be sold at auction on May 16 in New York, through Tarisio Fine Instruments and Bows. The other violins being sold by the Jacobs School include a c. 1680 Francesco Rugeri; a c. 1770 Gennaro Gagliano; a 1810 François Louis Pique; and a c. 1900 Annibale Fagnola.