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New Classical Tracks Uncut - Helene Grimaud

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This year, Julie Amacher counts down her six favorite New Classical Tracks interviews of 2016 and shares them in their entirety on "New Classical Tracks Uncut." For December 23, Julie shares her full conversation with pianist Hélène Grimaud, who talks about her album, Water, and her motivation to raise awareness about global water-related issues.

"Once you start to think about water as a source for inspiration and a metaphor, as it was for all these creators and artists who were inspired by it, you of course cannot help but start to look into simply water as a source of life, as the most essential resource that we all depend on," Grimaud says. "And then it becomes something else. It morphs into a sort of artistic invitation for a greater awareness about water and the lack of it and how difficult it is for so many people on this planet to actually have access to water and to drinkable water. … [I] hope that it's another way of bringing this to the forefront of people's consciousness."

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