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Karin Kei Nagano interview with 89.7 WCPE: Wake Forest

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Interview with WCPE's Dan McHugh

Analekta is extremely proud to announce the release of the second album by young pianist Karin Kei Nagano, devoted to the Inventions and Sinfonias of Johann Sebastian Bach. This cycle of 30 short studies, composed as musical exercises for Bach's eldest son, went on to become an invaluable reference tool among students and a true source of inspiration for numerous musicians. The daughter of Maestro Kent Nagano and pianist Mari Kodama, Karin Kei Nagano looked, for this album, at the original version of the work, entitled Klavierbüchlein. That version – which starts with the key containing the fewest sharps and flats and whose complexity increases with each key change, creating as such a symmetric cycle of keys – seemed more fluid in the eyes of the musician.

KKN spoke with 89.7 - WCPE: Wake Forest NC, Classical host Dan McHugh. Listen to the attached conversation