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Jane Ira Bloom: Sixteen Sunsets / review

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There's a wonderful purity in the soprano saxophone playing of Jane Ira Bloom, and a sense of understated passion in the beautiful sounds she creates. Not only that, she is an acknowledged master of the techniques that are essential to perform with accurate tuning on this most difficult of instruments - her intonation on even extremely high notes is almost always perfect.

Sixteen Sunsets is a really valuable addition to her extensive catalogue of recordings, a delightful collection of standard ballad songs including For All We Know, I Loves You Porgy, Darn That Dream, Good Morning Heartache, Out Of This World, The Way You Look Tonight, But Not For Me and My Ship. In addition, there are some graceful original ballads by Bloom herself: What She Wanted, Gershwin's Skyline, Ice Dancing (for Torvill and Dean), Primary Colors, Too Many Reasons and Bird Experiencing Light.

Her rhythm section is an excellent one: Dominic Fallacaro on piano, Cameron Brown on bass and Matt Wilson on drums. The CD recording quality is very fine indeed, and the original recording was made in 5.1 high resolution surround sound at Avatar Studio B in New York. That is separately available on a Pure Audio Blu-ray disc for those with the equipment to decode it. However you listen to Sixteen Sunsets, however, an immensely pleasurable experience is guaranteed.