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A compilation of songs reflect Roma's rawness and emotionality / SPILL MAGAZINE

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Alfonso Cuarón's legacy as a genius of cinematic storytelling will live on for ages, and his latest film, Roma, is now accompanied by Music Inspired by the Film Roma, a compilation of songs which includes compositions by a variety of artists including Beck, Billie Eilish, Patti Smith, and Jessie Reyez. Each contributing artist draws from his or her personal interpretation of the film and the results reflect Roma's rawness and emotionality.

Music Inspired by the Film Roma opens with an audio clip by an artist called "Ciudad de Mexico" which, as the writer's name suggests, serves as a Mexico City soundscape. It is followed by Patti Smith's spirited reinvention of "Wing". Using an array of genres including orchestral, pop, Latin, and electronica to explore Roma's depth, the album gradually increases its tone and tempo, before eventually returning to somber qualities and grounded messages.