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6 Performers using music to make the world a better place / WQXR Radio

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As a reprieve from the tragic events and polarized politics filling up the current news cycle, here is a list of classical musicians and organizations that that WQXR Radio - New York has selected which actively works to improve the lives of people and their habitats around the globe. Two of the artists are promoted by Crossover Media - Daniel BarenboimHélène Grimaud.

Building on the successes of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, which invites young musicians from Israel, Palestine and other Arab nations to play together, Daniel Barenboim has announced the creation of a new Berlin-based academy for Arabic musicians. Named the Barenboim-Said Academy - invoking the name of the late Edward Said, who co-founded the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra with Barenboim in 1999 - it will provide music instruction as well as foster cross-cultural dialogues. It opens this fall.

In 1999, French pianist Hélène Grimaud founded the Westchester-based Wolf Conservation Center to promote education and protect the future of these often misunderstood canids. In particular, the organization is committed to safeguarding two endangered species: the Mexican grey wolf and the red wolf.