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Somi - The Lagos Music Salon / PopMatters review

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I'm old-fashioned about summer. There ought to be lemonade. There ought to be an ice cream truck roaming the neighborhood. Kids should be barreling toward the neighborhood pool or swimming hole. Let it be hot.

And there ought to be some music you can't get out of your head, something catchy on the radio maybe, or just an album that you started listening to in June that you still can't get enough of in August. It's the soundtrack to your steamy afternoons or windows open car rides.

And, sure, there was a time when that music was AM radio, pop songs, and three-chord wonders. But for me this summer it's The Lagos Music Salon, a recording by American-born singer Somi-a big, sumptuous collection of African / jazz / soul grooves that is so satisfying, fun, and enlightening to listen to that it might still be summer come November. I know I'll still be listening to this disc when the weather grows colder. READ THE FULL PopMatters REVIEW.