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Olafur Arnalds becomes Apple Music curator for 'Peaceful Music' playlist / udiscovermusic.

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Ólafur Arnalds believes that travelling the world playing music is an inspiring experience. "Travel is an influential part of my life," says the Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and composer. "It feels like your mind gets slowly pushed open, because you are seeing new things, learning new things and you are breaking down prejudices. That feeling induces a lot of creativity. When you come home from a trip to the Middle East, for example, you feel that you just want to create. You feel like your mind has expanded." It's this sense of adventure that Arnalds brings to the Peaceful Music playlist, which he has just started guest-curating in partnership with Universal Music Group and Apple Music.

Arnalds is currently travelling the globe for his new album, re:member, with a tour that takes him from America to Australia and then back to Europe. The 32-year-old Arnalds says he intends to find some time amid his own hectic touring schedule for some composing. "Creating is definitely a mind-set. At the moment, I am on tour and we have a new setlist, new band and production crew. For now, I am in the mode of trying to improve the show every day. Later on the tour, when things fall into a rhythm, I can write. I have packed my mobile studio just for that."   Photo: Benjamin Hardman

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