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Interview with WWNO

Immediately after dropping their 2019 critically acclaimed sophomore release, Harbinger (Origin Records), New Orleans-based trio Extended set to work assembling the material for Without Notice.  Embedded in the previous album were flashes of the long-form, highly improvisational yet through-composed and thoroughly collective approach to songwriting that has become their signature, and this new album is their calling card.

Without Notice is full of twists and turns and surprises – it is their most musically adventurous album to date, the material largely worked out on stage over several years of active local gigging and touring.  In that process, they've expanded their palette of sound worlds, adding 90s hip-hop grooves (“Central Standard”) and unexpected post-production overdubs (“Impairment Process”), to the Debussy textures (“The Ineffable Allure of Shadows”) and Keith Jarrett-tinged jazz-rock phrasing (“The Gardens”) that listeners have come to expect.  Ironically, it is now, on this third release that they have finally found an occasion to swing (“Sphere”).

The title cut is the newest tune in the book, written during the early days of the Covid-19 shutdown. By comparison, it is a simple tune, yet it is an example of the way their music can turn on a dime, offering something different at any moment.  As an album title, it is a reminder of how the year 2020 unfolded, and luckily, Extended was in a position to take advantage of the unexpected free time of the shutdown and dive headfirst into preparing this recording. This is their pandemic gift to us.

Each member writes equally for the band, drawing on their disparate life experiences – Rossignoli grew up in Honduras, Webb in South Louisiana, and Booth outside Washington, DC. They began playing together in the boil pot of the New Orleans music scene in 2016, and despite their diversity of influences, they have done what all bands strive to do.  Extended has developed a singular ensemble sound. This is contemporary piano trio music from a band that knows who it is, where it came from, and where it is headed.

EXTENDED is Oscar Rossignoli on piano, Matt Booth on bass, and Brad Webb on drums. They all compose for the group, with the particular musical personalities of the group foremost in mind, an approach that has thrilled locals and has reached audiences worldwide.  Their sophomore outing, Harbinger (Origin Records), improves upon the solid foundation set with 2017's eponymous debut, exhibiting a new attitude and focused maturity after three years of development.  Offbeat Magazine named the album one of the Top 50 Best of Louisiana Music in 2019, and as stated by their Geraldine Wyckoff, “Harbinger manifests superb musicianship creatively employed to produce a highly individualized yet collective artistic endeavor that is a privilege to experience.”  Their debut LP from the spring of 2017, released on Breakfast 4 Dinner records, received praise for its distinctive compositions and dynamic group interplay.

Since their first release, Extended has toured within the country and continues to play shows that leave audiences invigorated and fulfilled.  As the whole world knows, the city of New Orleans knows no shortage of the highest caliber of players in the world, but in the last few years locals have been thrilled to see the development of a new collective - EXTENDED - that has quickly come to find a place among our brightest stars.

TONIGHT (05/20/22) ON JAZZ NEW ORLEANS WITH FRED KASTEN (Friday nights – 8p – 10p Central; Sunday mornings – 1am – 3am – streams live at great music from Oscar Rossignoli, John Coltrane, Lynne Arriale, Ellis Marsalis, Donald Brown, Jacky Terrasson, Kyle Roussel, Cyrille Aimee and NOJO, Tommy Flanagan, Mark McGrain, Catherine Russell, Peter Martin, Herlin Riley, Charlie Halloran, Brian Seeger and the Organic Trio, Cindy Scott, Johnny Adams and more – plus – an in-depth conversation with the members of the trio Extended: Brad Webb, Matt Booth and Oscar Rossignoli – Extended has just released their third recording, “Without Notice” – and they are our Jazz New Orleans “Players of the Week” – hope you can join us!