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Roma soundtrack feat. on WCVE: World Music Show

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The Netflix film Roma highlights music from 1970s Mexico. I'll play a couple of songs from that. The music has that 70s vibe of fuzzy guitar and almost disco-types of sounds. And for other quick notes, we'll also have a smattering of Grammy-nominated musicians. These will be mostly the "losers," which doesn't mean any of the selections are not worth the listening. And lastly, we'll check out Steel Pan music from an all-student band call The Rhythm Project All Stars.

Now, to dive-into the main feature.

Film music--you know, I have my favorites and they usually are part of a Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino film. However, for tonight's task, we'll going to hear these two tracks from the recent Netflix film Roma, which is up for Best Picture this year. I think I should add that to my queue. The music revolves around 1970s Mexico rock. From that soundtrack, we'll hear "Ciudad Perdida"  by La Revolución de Emiliano Zapata followed by "Te He Prometido" by Leo Dan.

Added to this first part of the movie, we'll head to outer edges of Bongolia--a mythical and mystical place, to hear the song "Silbando" by Los Riberenos.