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Max Richter - Vivaldi Recomposed / Sinfini Music interview

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In 2012, composer Max Richter took one of the most overplayed pieces of classical music, Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, and radically rewrote it, reworking elements of the original composition in strings and electronics, but keeping the essence (and plenty of the melodies) of the original. Now Vivaldi Recomposed has been turned into an app by the makers of the wildly successful Beethoven Symphony No.9 app (one million downloads ain't bad). The app allows you to watch and compare performances of Vivaldi's original played by Anne-Sophie Mutter and Richter's Recomposed version, played by Daniel Hope, and then explore the music with graphic scores, commentaries, historical background and interviews with the composer and performers. Max Richter tells Lyndsey Winship why his Recomposed version of Vivaldi's Four Seasons will make such a great app and Daniel Hope, who plays the violin solos on Recomposed, welcomes the chance to reach a new audience. READ THE FULL Sinfini Music INTERVIEW.