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Steve Reich - The ECM Recordings / Passion Musique Et Culture review

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ECM, the famous jazz label, was a pioneer with his first classical album, Music for 18 musicians Steve Reich, to pave the way for what would become a "quiet revolution" in the world of classical music. That was in 1978. While other labels were sleeping gas despite the success of the works of Reich data in concert, the ECM producer Manfred Eicher, launched its New Series bringing to the attention of the world aesthetic of vanguard that would emerge as a wave attracting new audiences and releasing promising horizons.
Until today, this new trend has spurred some generations of creators from diverse backgrounds (DJ, film music, loop patterns and bunk for soloists) and I bet Reich without we would not know Sleep (2015) of Max Richter nor Orpheus (2009-2016) Johann Johannsson. The bet of Eicher was rewarded with sales of over 100,000 copies in the first year and his "new series" is steadily increasing new titles.
Leading the way to what? Towards a new vision of music that incorporated electronic music (rhythm phase shift effects on magnetic tape), non-western music (African percussion and Jewish cantillation), folk music (diatonic scale, deliberate absence of hyperchomatisme). I speak of revolution because the tightness of the barriers between Western music and other genres here or elsewhere had just been broken. It was in the early 80's healthy break against the pretentiously self-proclaimed chapels of "serious" music, for which accessibility and mixing genres were reprehensible taboos. Since then, two discs were published (1980 and 1982).
To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of this composer passionate and ethnomusicology bachelor of philosophy, ECM re-edits in a single box the three albums that have lost none of their freshness. To date, the quality of interpretation (especially the tempo and sound quality) remained unsurpassed.
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