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Mark O'Connor Talks Method, American Music and Summer Camp / Classicalite

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Mark O'Connor has allotted himself the time and patience to craft an entire new perspective on American string education. A Grammy-winning composer and violin virtuoso, his ability to revolutionize an entire genre of performance teaching is unfettered. And he brings his methods to New York City for a summer camp program devoted specifically to his teachings this summer. The O'Connor method takes a different approach, utilizing classic violin techniques juxtaposed with theory and combined with American music, history and creativity. Yes, the program may teach Bach but it also incorporates the foundations of American music too, including blues, spirituals and more.

We caught up with Mark O'Connor and how he came to this concept, what it means to him and how it's revolutionizing the way we look at and play orchestral music.  READ THE FULL Classicalite ARTICLE