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Women Warriors: The Voices of Change releases; Chapter 5 - 'Women Build Peace'

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Women Warriors - Chapter 5, Women Build Peace

Women Warriors: The Voices of Change multimedia concert performed by Orchestra Moderne NYC, under the direction of Amy Andersson, features the music of eight renowned female film composers and presents 800 years of women fighting for human rights and equality. This 80-minute interactive experience is a socially and culturally relevant world premiere concert which includes historical visuals from the past to present day. Women Warriors: The Voices of Change celebrates the strength and heroism of female global activists fighting for human, civil, and minority rights, environmental causes, and gender equality.

Orchestra Moderne NYC and Conductor/Producer Amy Andersson team with composers Nathalie Bonin, Miriam Cutler, Anne-Kathrin Dern, Sharon Farber, Mandy Hoffman, Penka Kouneva, Starr Parodi, and Lolita Ritmanis, who together have created a rich and cinematic orchestral experience in seventeen world premiere pieces that inspire hope and courage for women and girls around the world. Special guest artists include; Afghan rapper/songwriter Sonita Alizadeh, fifteen year old singer/songwriter Isolde Fair, and violinist Nathalie Bonin. Iranian human rights activist and author Masih Alinejad is the honored guest speaker.

Featured Podcast for Week 8.19.2019 is 'Chapter 5: 'Women Build Peace' with music by Penka Kouneva & violin solo by Nathalie Bonin

Penka Kouneva says that the Women Warriors: The Voices of Change multimedia concert is the most important and relevant event that she has ever been a part of as it gives orchestral music an urgent social and cultural resonance by tackling humanistic issues that are not usually addressed on a classical concert stage. Kouneva's music will accompany six segments in the program.

For the Women Build Peace segment which shows Israeli and Palestinian women peacefully coming together and searching for common language amidst the most violent, continuous and divisive war of our modern times, Kouneva's soaring piece 'Earth' expresses love, care and humility honoring the power of the human spirit to rise above conflict, hatred and profound differences. In this piece she strived for the music to have a timeless and universal sound.

Violinist and composer Nathalie Bonin has always loved to spark emotion through music and art. Bonin is honored to be part of the Women Warriors event both as composer and soloist. In Chapter Five, Bonin's soulful violin solo for Penka Kouneva's 'Earth' transcends nations, religions, and ideologies, speaking the language of brotherhood, peace and reconciliation.

Join us at New York's Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center - September 20 2019 at 8:00pm for this historical and stunning concert experience which celebrates the strength and heroism of female global activists fighting for human and civil rights, environmental causes, and gender equality.

The opening theme music for this podcast was provided by Penka Kouneva

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