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Valentina Lisitsa - Etudes That Dazzle / KMFA Radio

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Valentina Lisitsa has tackled some giants – yet again! Chopin and Schumann Études out now from record label Decca are stunning, and as the pianist says, "...aren't the typical fare for study pieces." Having recorded Rachmaninoff, Liszt and Beethoven previously, these Études have appeared on YouTube, where Lisitsa gained her worldwide fame, with over 50 million views!

Now for her latest Decca release she has included both Opus 10 and Opus 25 Études by Chopin, and the Symphonic Études by Robert Schumann. The Daily Mail in London writes "...exceptional value...enjoyable listening. She has a formidable piano technique, shown to best advantage in the Schumann, which [is measured and mature]..." in their record review. We think you'll love it too! This would make a great stocking stuffer for any music lover.

Look to the right of the post title to find the orange audio play button to listen to Valentina discuss her new release, with insights about the composers, performing, and how "Chopin puts more than an entire opera by Verdi" in his music!