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A 'Goat Rodeo.' Performed Perfectly In Sync

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In Aviation, a "Goat Rodeo" is a situation that becomes so chaotic that everything needs to be performed perfectly in sync for it to turn out ok. This is an oddly fitting title to Yo Yo Ma's latest. The Goat Rodeo Sessions', written by Stuart Duncan, Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, and joined by singer Aoife O'Donovan, is Ma's second attempt at a classical/bluegrass crossover since Songs of Joy & Peace'.

With so many musical geniuses on one album, there is always the risk of one trying to outshine the other, but here it is not the case. With some butting heads in terms of musical direction, they formed a new age merge of classical music with bluegrass and blues roots, with each musician adding their own style and flare to each piece. Though a Goat Rodeo usually refers to a situation that implies chaos, Yo-Yo Ma and company created something fluid and synchronized.