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Joep Beving is a modern classical phenomenon. Prehension 'vinyl review' on theartsdesk

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Modern classical, often computer-treated, is on the rise, recalling the long ago days when tweedy collectors would have chests of classical to dig into on Sunday afternoons, place on weighty old stereos, and sit quietly, eyes closed, contemplating the eternal verities (well, I knew one older gent who did that, back in the Eighties). However, fear not, techno and punk are also present and correct. The only requirement here is that good, bad, mediocre or fantastic, these records deserve covering.

Whether you've heard of him or not, heavily bearded, 6'10" Dutch pianist-composer Joep Beving is a modern classical phenomenon. His debut album, Solipsism, eventually attracted 85 million listens on Spotify when he loaded it up for a laugh three years ago. His second, again simply offering untreated piano, continues his journey into a sound that sits midway between Max Richter, Philip Glass, new age music, and the ambient fringes of easy listening. On vinyl it comes as a double in art-photo gatefold, and, while pieces such as "A Heartfelt Silence" have a gloomier edge, most of it is emblematic of why modern classical is on the rise. It's thoughtful, peaceable music - music to think to - running counter to the frenetic you're-on-all-the-time, everything's-turning-to-shit mood of our age. I have a feeling a concert by him would either send you to sleep or leave you feeling psychically recharged and flushed free of the usual nonsense.

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