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ZOFO Plays Terry Riley - KUAF Radio

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"There is nothing quite like hearing the full 8 octaves of a piano sounding in all its orchestral richness," states composer Terry Riley.

Piano duet ZOFO ( Eva-Maria Zimmermann and Keisuke Nakagoshi ) teams up with Riley to fully explore the potential of four-hand piano compositions within the scope of the revered composers signature style. The result was - ZOFO Plays Terry Riley and the duo recorded the album in celebration of Terry Riley's 80th birthday.

Zimmermann and Nakagoshi's collaboration with Terry Riley began after one of their first concerts as ZOFO, when they received a score for "Cinco de Mayo" from The Heaven Ladder, Book 5, a collection of Riley's pieces for piano-four-hands. ZOFO connected immediately with the work, and soon performed it in concert and sent Riley the recording. Very impressed with their efforts, the composer got in touch with ZOFO and sent them the scores for the four remaining pieces from the collection – "Etude from the Old Country," "Jaztine," "Tango Doble Ladiado," and "Waltz for Charismas." As Zimmermann puts it, "We were in heaven!"

Hear music from ZOFO Plays Terry Riley TODAY from 11 to noon CT on KUAF: Fatetteville's Of Note