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Rachel Barton Pine performs the Berg Violin Concerto this Saturday Jan 11 with the Boulder Philharmonic

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Rachel Barton Pine has studied Alban Berg's Violin Concerto intensely since she was 16. The Violinist so adores the piece that she has worked on it with conductor Pierre Boulez, an expert on Berg, and Richard Hoffman, the last living student of Berg mentor Arnold Schoenberg.

Pine rarely is asked to perform the 1935 concerto written in memory of Alma Mahler's daughter, making poignant use of a Bach chorale. That is, unless she's coming to Boulder. In what she calls a "random and wonderful" occurrence, Pine has been asked to play Berg's Violin Concerto for a second time in Boulder this coming Saturday night January 11 with the Boulder Philharmonic at Macky Auditorium. In 1999, she was requested to play the work with the Colorado Music Festival.

The concerto Saturday night, the Boulder Phil's third subscription concert of the current season, is part of an interesting "Three B's" program assembled by Boulder Phil music director Michael Butterman. Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms typically are the "B's," but Butterman is replacing Beethoven with Berg. In addition short works by Bach and Mahler precede the concerto, and the program concludes with another piece imbued with the spirit, and the music, of Bach-Brahms' Symphony No. 4.