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Terence Blanchard scores new film - The Comedian / WGNO-TV

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"A movie without music is kind of like life with color," jazz musician Terence Blanchard said. Most people don't know how much work goes into putting a film together. Pre-production and production are two beasts to take on by themselves. When the filming is done and the actors go home, then it's time to add color to the movie. The music behind the movie plays a very important role in the film making process. Terence Blanchard is not only known for his smooth jazz, but he's composed for dozens of films including Inside Man, Cadillac Records, Red Tails, Barbershop, and more. Blanchard, who's a New Orleans native, recently worked on a new film called The Comedian, starring Robert De Niro at Esplanade Studios. He told us how important it is to collaborate with the director adding - "The director will have a vision. It's my job to bring that to life."